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BORDALO II: A Life Of Waste

BORDALO II: A Life Of Waste

Bordalo II is an intimate portrait of environmental artist Artur Bordalo and a document of his message that over-production, consumption and wastefulness is destroying our environment and our wildlife. Bordalo searches wastelands of cities throughout the world and utilizes trash to create towering, colourful animal sculptures for his 'Trash Animal" series. Co-Directors Trevor Whelan & Rua Meegan (Grizzly) filmed Bordalo over 2 years and brought him to Dublin to create a piece for the city. ‘Bordalo II A Life of Waste’ funded by Screen Ireland is their debut award winning short doc and has spent the last two years in the film festival circuit until its release. “ We wanted to make this film to illustrate the character, motivations and creativity of Bordalo and highlight the environmental dangers of our wasteful society. Together with an amazing, dedicated team, we overcame many obstacles to make this project happen. We are very saddened by the news Dublin’s ‘Red Squirrel’ will be removed to make way for yet another hotel. The artwork has made a great impact on the city and received a lot of love from locals and tourists, we are so happy to have captured this project on film and to finally be able to share it with everyone.” Trevor Whelan / Rua Meegan Co-Directors/ Co-Curators Directed by Trevor Whelan & Rua Meegan / GRIZZLY Cinematography by Rua Meegan & Trevor Whelan Produced by Glen Collins for Pull The Trigger Edited by Tony Kearns Music by Eric Whelan / SteadyState
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